A symposium on relevance of Gandhi today

PRESS NOTE OCT 2, 2017 A SYMPOSIUM on RELEVANCE OF GANDHI TODAY has been organised in the multipurpose hall of Punjab Group of Colleges on Oct 3, 2017. Different speakers spoke on various aspect of Gandhian thought and ideology i e political, social, economic and educational. Professor Dr Kulbir in her address apprised students of foresightedness, discipline and dedication of Mahatma Gandhi who fought for independence with exceptional tools like Ahimsa, Satyagraha, Non – cooperation and civil disobedience. Vishavdeep spoke of his role in uplifting nation. Amanpreet told about his rare search and ideology of Education that best suited India. Ramandeep spoke about his contribution in liberating Indian women from traditional shackles. Audience asked two questions from each speaker on the subject he spoke about. Principal Colonel V.K Sood inspired students to think of Gandian strategies of Satyagraha,Ahimsa etc in present context for social, political and educational reformation .Principal Dr Anita Soni asked students to work hard and learn from Gandhi true studentship, leadership and self- learning to prove themselves true citizens of INDIA. Chairman S. Nirmal Singh in his presidential address appealed to students to think big to feel into greatness of Father of Nation who was and who is being acknowledged by the world as a leader with vision whose wisdom will continue to show light to generations to come.

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